The present problems of jaw crusher

At present the market demand of large crushers is relatively small, small and medium-sized crusher is still a hotspot in research, development, production in China. Jaw crushers with a large crushing rate and low energy consumption, has an important role in crushing industry.

Although the jaw crusher has made great progress in the aspects of technology structure and the actual use, but there still has the problems of high energy consumption, high steel consumption and low efficiency, which seriously affects the economic benefits. According to statistics, depending on the character and size of the materials, crushing a ton of materials usually takes 8 to 20 kilowatt-hours of electricity; crushing tool wear is about 50-1000 grams (called steel consumption). Combined with the current crushing industry appeared “more crushing less grinding” trend, crushing energy consumption problem is becoming more and more important. It becomes the top priority to find ways to reduce the energy consumption.

The crushing operation has stricter requirement with materials particles. With the technology improvement, some industries not only have requirements on product granularity and crushing rate, but also on the particle shape.

The solution of these problems relies on the study of crushing theory. Only strengthening the crushing theory research can we find a feasible solution for the above problem.

It has been confirmed that jaw arrangement impacts crushers’ energy consumption and product granularity. How can jaw arrangement affects the energy consumption and granularity is a failure problem to solve. If we can find out the relationship between the energy consumption and product granularity, the reduction of energy consumption becomes a practical and feasible way.

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