The super performance of new composite cone concave

Cone crusher has wide application in the mine, cement and construction and other industries. Due to the severe working condition and longer 123123working time, the wear condition of cone crusher is serious. Cone concave is the important wear resistant part. The worm cone concave will affect the normal operation of cone crusher and cause the suspend production, which will bring immeasurable losses. As we all known, cone concave is the quick wear part of cone crusher. Then how can we prolong the service life of cone crusher, reduce the wear condition, reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefit?

To solve this problem, DSMAC has researched the new kind of high performance composite material cone concave. Compared with the ordinary cone concave, the service life of this spare part can be prolonged about three times, which not only improved the production ability, but also reduced the investment cost. As a matter of fact, this spare part has good market competition in the world. Then if you are interested in this machine, please feel free to contact us. Email:

Hammer crusher supports the development of green cement industry

The development of green construction material is the hot topic in recent years. As the brace industry, cement industry has huge responsibility in the development road. To meet the green production requirement, we have the upgrading on the technology of hammer crusher and other grinding equipment.

Cement industry belongs to the high energy consumption and high polluting industry. It will generate the waste residue in the production process and after production. The reduction of waste residue can realize the economy of the whole production line. The green production needs the equipment and technology. Then how can we choose the qualified sand making equipment?

We all known that crusher machine is the forward in the cement production line. The quality of crushing line decides the cement product quality to a certain degree. The hammer crusher and impact crusher produced by DSMAC are welcomed in the cement industry due to its high technology content and intelligent operation, which ensures the good quality of product. This has realized the reduction of waste discharge.

DSMAC also made a great contribution to the processing of waste residue. The researched coal gangue hammer crusher, coal cinder single-section hammer crusher equipment has solved the discharge of waste stone in the cement production, which greatly improves the degree of resource utilization.

Daily maintenance of the cone crusher in DSMAC

Here are some suggestions to the cone crusher maintenance, we hope to be helpful.

First, the maintenance of bearings. I believe that we all know the bearings plays the role of the aorta, and operates under the full load when the machine is running. So let the bearings with good lubrication has a direct relation to the life of the target="_blank">cone crusher. If you want the bearings with good lubrication, you must inject clean and well sealed lubricating oil. Where is the best places to inject the oil?There are four places: (1) rotating bearing; (2) roller bearing; (3) gears; (4)activities bearing, sliding plane;

Second, the regular inspection of the tire hoop. In generally it is easier to loose.

Third, we must pay attention to whether every part of cone crusher is working properly and check the attrition grade of each part. We must immediately replace the worn or damaged parts. We should also pay lose attention to the bearing temperature and whether it has impact sound when the gear is running. We should stop it at once when noise or other abnormal sound is head to find the cause and settle it.

The last, we must pay particular attention to the plane putting the active device of cone crusher and timely remove the dust or foreign matter in order to avoid serious accidents.

The above is the relate attentive items for cone crusher regular maintenance. A good maintenance not only can improve the quality of cone crusher, still can extend the service life of cone crusher.

New hammer crusher has received many attentions

In recent years, with the continuous exploration of mine in our country, the mineral resources of our country are continuously reducing. In order to protect the limited resources and promote the further exploration of mineral ore resources, our country began to realize the recombinant development of mineral resources. In the modern society, the crusher machine which has the low production ability and backward technology will be eliminated by the market. The exploration and integration of mineral resources not only promotes the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, but also promotes the large-scale production and intensive management, which really improves the comprehensive competition ability and the safe production and environmental protection level of mining industry.

It has higher quality demand on the crushing equipment. The traditional jaw crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher in the secondary crushing process cannot meet the industrial development demand. The new hammer crusher produced by DSMAC has the features of big crushing ratio, high efficiency, and energy saving and environmental protection. Due to those advantages, it will gradually replace the traditional crushing equipment.

DSMAC has the professional research team. They professionally research and develop the new crushing equipment with good development prospects. The successful research of hammer crusher is the reflection of strong competition force of DSMAC. DSMAC thinks that innovation is the driving force of one enterprise. We can get the experience and value from the continuous practice.

Hydraulic cone crusher becomes the primary selection in sand making line

With the reduction of natural sand and deep effect of energy conservation and environmental protection concept, the deep development and wide promotion of artificial sand gradually becomes the inevitable trend.

DSMAC hydraulic cone crusher is researched on the basis of advanced technology from foreign country. This machine is designed for the material that has higher hardness. Hydraulic cone crusher is widely used in granite, basalt, diabase, shale, quartz, pebble, limestone, iron ore, coal gangue, non-ferrous metal ore, pebbles and other material crushing.

Hydraulic cone crusher uses the new design idea, which can efficiently reduce the energy consumption and prolong its service life. At the same time, crushing chamber and other wear-resistant parts uses the high manganese material. The good design and special material has greatly prolongs the service life and reduces the energy consumption. Compared with the traditional cone crusher, the service life can be prolonged about 30% – 80%. DSMAC hydraulic cone crusher is the preferred selection in sand making line.

Nowadays, from the attribute view, the quality of artificial sand which is made of pebbles and granite is good than that made of limestone. It is the preferred material for the highway, high railway construction and high buildings. Due to the large stone hardness, the pebble stone is not easy to appear the physical change when used in the high building. The hardness is also a double-edged sword, which causes the non-breakable problem of this material. Then the abrasion of crusher parts is serious and the running cost of stone plant is increasing.

New artificial sand making machine produced by DSMAC

With the continuous construction of high building, road, and bridge, the supply of artificial sand appears the short condition. Therefore, the efficient way to solve this problem is to elevate the service life and yield of sand making machine.

DSMAC has many kinds of sand making machines that can produce the artificial sand. Decided by its characteristics, the performance and application of this product is better than the ordinary natural sand. The particle shape and grading of artificial sand all have the outstanding advantages, which can not only save the cement, but also improve the strength of concrete.

VSI sand making machine is the latest machine in our company. This machine is researched on the basis of advanced German crushing technology. Compared with the traditional sand making machine, this machine has lots of changes. VSI sand making machine has increased the material stress area, oil lubrication device, and the hydraulic equipment. This machine also improved the wear resistance material, discharging angle and the bearing structure. According to the above improvement and changes, the yield of sand making machine can be improved about 45%, the electric power can be reduced about 20%. All those advantages shows that the sand making machine is the energy saving and environmental protection equipment.

Nowadays, DSMAC is the professional supplier of crushing machine, sand making machine, mobile crushing station and all kinds of production lines. We can manufacture different kinds of crushing equipment which can meet the various demands from different customer and the domestic market.

New sand making machine gets high praise in construction project

With the rapid development of national economic and the national infrastructure policy support, the infrastructure construction got rapid development in our country. Its scope is around each region of our country. Urban and rural landscape is changing. Road, hydropower dam, municipal engineering, a large number of residential building construction project needs to be constructed.

The rapid development of national infrastructure construction opens the sandstone aggregate market. The maker demand on the sand making machine is larger and larger. Infrastructure projects has bigger and bigger demand on the gravel aggregate, the quality demand is also higher and higher. Natural sand has far way to meet the specification requirements for sand and gravel aggregate.

At the moment, many infrastructure projects have large amount demand on the sand and gravel. The mineral resources production needs the high qualified sand making equipment. The produced gravel aggregate also is welcomed by the customer.

DSMAC has researched the new sand making machine which adopts the latest crushing technology. The final product of this machine has cubic shape, adjustable fineness model and reasonable grading. Sand making machine provides the qualified gravel aggregate for the road, high speed railway, high building, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station and so on.

The sand making machine produced by DSMAC is welcomed in the sand aggregate market. It has the superior advantages. Welcome new and old customers came to negotiate.

The present problems of jaw crusher

At present the market demand of large crushers is relatively small, small and medium-sized crusher is still a hotspot in research, development, production in China. Jaw crushers with a large crushing rate and low energy consumption, has an important role in crushing industry.

Although the jaw crusher has made great progress in the aspects of technology structure and the actual use, but there still has the problems of high energy consumption, high steel consumption and low efficiency, which seriously affects the economic benefits. According to statistics, depending on the character and size of the materials, crushing a ton of materials usually takes 8 to 20 kilowatt-hours of electricity; crushing tool wear is about 50-1000 grams (called steel consumption). Combined with the current crushing industry appeared “more crushing less grinding” trend, crushing energy consumption problem is becoming more and more important. It becomes the top priority to find ways to reduce the energy consumption.

The crushing operation has stricter requirement with materials particles. With the technology improvement, some industries not only have requirements on product granularity and crushing rate, but also on the particle shape.

The solution of these problems relies on the study of crushing theory. Only strengthening the crushing theory research can we find a feasible solution for the above problem.

It has been confirmed that jaw arrangement impacts crushers’ energy consumption and product granularity. How can jaw arrangement affects the energy consumption and granularity is a failure problem to solve. If we can find out the relationship between the energy consumption and product granularity, the reduction of energy consumption becomes a practical and feasible way.

Mobile crusher for iron ore in Australia

Iron ore is the important metal and iron ore crushing plant is suitable to break the iron ore. The general iron crushing plant includes ZSW vibrating feeder + PE jaw crusher + PYG Hydraulic cone crusher + YK Circular vibrating screen. Iron ore jaw crusher is generally used as the primary crushing machine. Impact crusher or PYG Hydraulic cone crusher is commonly used as the secondary crushing machine. Apart from stationary crusher, DSMAC also produce mobile crusher for iron ore in Austraalia for many years.

Mobile crusher for iron ore

DSMAC is a leader in iron ore crushing plant manufacturing and can offer mobile crusher for iron. DSMAC specializes in producing and designing the mobile crusher for iron ore. Iron ore mobile crusher includes iron ore mobile jaw crusher, iron ore mobile impact crusher, iron ore mobile cone crusher, and mobile iron VSI crusher. Mobile crusher for iron ore crushing like mobile jaw crusher is suitable to break the iron ore because of simple structure, and large crushing ration, and reliable working performance.


iron ore mobile crusher in Australia

DSMAC has successfully exported iron ore mobile crusher in Australia. Australia has a rich iron reserves. DSMAC iron ore mobile crusher is widely used in Australia in many iron mines. Mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher, and mobile VSI crusher are suitable to crush the iron ore in the iron ore crushing plant. Mobile jaw crusher is widely used in the granite, limestone, basalt, shale, river stone, bluestone, sandstone, calcium carbide, iron ore, copper, and steel slag. The capacity of mobile iron jaw crusher ranges from 10-240t/h. The max feeding size is 650mm. Mobile jaw crusher is generally used in mining, building materials, highway, water conservancy, construction waste recycling crushing and screening. DSMAC iron ore mobile crusher puts crushing and screening on wheels. DSMAC mobile crusher for iron ore is not only suitable to break the iron ore, but also widely used in the mine, highway, railway and hydropower industry. The crushing and screening processes can be finished at one time to produce the required size and capacity. DSMAC mobile crusher for iron ore has the advantage of high crushing speed, large feed opening, high production capacity, and low operation cost.

Iron ore crusher plant for sale in Malaysia

Iron ore crusher mainly includes jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, and VSI crusher. DSMAC is a leading iron ore crusher plant for sale in Malaysia manufacturer in China.


Iron ore crusher plant for sale

DSMAC is the leading iron ore crusher manufacturer in the world and the iron ore crushermachine has been successfully export to more than 40 countries, which consists of jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, and VSI crusher. In the iron ore crushing process, there are two types of primary and secondary crusher. Primary crusher is jaw crusher, and secondary crusher is fine jaw crusher and cone crusher. Fine jaw crusher is generally used in small capacity iron ore beneficiation and has the feature of low operation cost, simple structure, easy maintenance, and reliable working principle. The minimum discharge opening of the fine jaw crusher can only be adjusted to 25mm, and the broken particle size is generally less than 40mm.

Iron ore crusher plant in Malaysia

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia and DSMAC is a leading iron ore crusher plant in Malaysia manufacturer. Iron ore crusher plant configuration includes ZSW vibrating feeder + PE jaw crusher + DPC hammer crusher + YK circular vibrating screen. Then required final product granularity is produced. The second iron ore crusher plant configuration is ZSW vibrating feeder + PE jaw crusher + PF impact crusher + DPC hammer crusher + YK circular vibrating screen. Another iron ore crusher plant con figuration includes ZSW vibrating feeder + PE jaw crusher + PYT spring cone crusher + YK circular vibrating screen. If the customer has a high requirement of final product size, ZSW vibrating feeder + PE jaw crusher + PEX fine jaw crusher + PCK series vertical shaft impact crusher + belt conveyor + YK series circular vibrating screen.